Wednesday, August 19, 2009

We've Moved!

For those in the know and those who need to know, it's official, Bibs and Rattles have relocated from Brisbane to Perth! Yep, a move from East to West so now, instead of watching the sun rise (really early in the morning), we can watch the sun set over the majestic ocean. We have just managed to get our sea containers across and have begun unpacking, sending out orders and doing tons of other things - enrolling for school (yep, although little Man is only 11 months, it seems like I am quite far behind that I haven't enrolled him in High School as of yet)...and plenty of other things.

We've been keeping a close eye on new trends and are looking forward to introducing the newest of new things not for babies but for growing little people - they are called Thought Spots! We will tell you all about them in an upcoming blog. Where can you get them? From us!

So for now, ladies, gentlemen and little people...I will call it a night as I have numerous boxes to unpack! Can't wait to hear all of your updates!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Overseas Families

Hi Everyone!

I've just gotten off the phone with my best friend, my cousin....she's in Canada, I'm in Australia. For the past 10 years we've lived on either sides of the earth however, we still manage to see each other, in person, once a year. She has two little girls (6 months and 4 years) and I have a little boy (8 months). One of the hardest things about having a 'life' in another country is being so far away from friends and family. The benefit is that we get to make new friends wherever we seem to be. So, what's this blog all about? It's about how even though we are seperated by distance, we still remain close!

We own a baby boutique and being in another country, she tells us about all the new 'in-things' that we absolutely MUST stock. We take those into consideration, try them out for ourselves and if the items pass all the tests...they show up on our site

Recently, we were talking about how 'organic' and 'bamboo' everything has had a boom, she asked what it was all, for those not in the 'know'...bamboo is an amazing material in which the more you wash it, use it, etc...the softer and more absorbent it becomes. We have bamboo nappies, bamboo blankets (super soft and cuddly...sometimes I even wrap it around my shoulders), bibs (see pic below), toys, rattles, and the list goes on. We decided to stock up on these items because it seemed that everyone wanted them and we totally understand why! Much like the word 'wedding' and 'baby', the words 'organic' or 'bamboo' naturally attract a higher cost but at this point in time, we think the additional cost is well worth it...especially once you feel the material! On our site, we have a whole section dedicated to organic and bamboo products. ( )

I've often picked up the phone to call my cousin...just because....and she's answered the phone in tears saying "I really just needed to talk to can read my mind!" - Although it truly sucks having relatives on the other side of the earth, the technology of our current century allows for amazing communication. Just recently, I've had to educate my cousin about the benefits of's FREE! We can video chat for FREE...if you haven't jumped on this should! You can also sign up for Skype telephone...not a free service but pretty close...for a small cost, you can call anywhere in the world out that large telephone company which has a monopoly over Australia, which will remain nameless.

So, for any of you who are in the same predicament of having friends and family on another continent or even another city, there's plenty out in technology-world to keep everyone connected...don't be frightened by the technology, embrace it!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Kids Fashion Review Hunt

Hey Everyone,

I'm sure you, like me, love winning things. If this is the case then you should be heading over to the Kids Fashion Review Website and registering for the Fashion Hunt which begins on June 1st! To register, head to our site and click on the banner at the top of the page - this will redirect you to the Kids Fashion Hunt registration site where you can find out all about the site.

So here's how to play....Each day throughout JUNE 09 Kids Fashion Review members, that's you, search through different websites looking for fashion hangers that the sponsor has hidden to go in to the draw to win one of the Fabulous Prize Pack or a spot prize - it's that simple.
Up to three sponsored websites are listed on the HUNT page every day with a brief decription of who they are, their website link and a clue to find the fashion hanger.

Hunters have until 10pm (NZ time) to find the fashion hangers. Each hanger is worth ONE entry into the Fabulous Prize Packs, except for the bonus 'couture' fashion hanger which is worth FIVE entries! There will be 10 spot prizes to give away randomly during the month - so make sure you play every day!

Don't forget to bookmark all your favourite sites and do a bit of shopping while you're browsing. Have a look at the sales page for the Hunt Sales offered by some of the wonderful sponsors are offering all Hunters.

The best part is that proceeds go to the Ronald McDonald House and you get to win fabulous prizes, it's a win/win situation!

We are so super excited to bring you information about the kids fashion review begins on June 1st - you need to register...the whole - you have to be in it to win it scenario! Good luck to all the hunters!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Happy Mothers Day!

Happy Mothers Day!

This is officially my first mothers day and I love it! I managed to be woken up (waaay to early) to breakfast in bed (made by hubby), sloppy kisses (from little Mr) and a beautiful finger painted "I love you mum" photo frame that little Mr made at daycare along with a gorgeous frame and mother tile and card from hubby. I never really understood how much mothers do for their children until I became a mother myself. I never understood how much love a mother can have for their child until I became a mother myself. To all mothers out in the world (especially my own) thank you...for everything from love, teaching, kisses and cuddles and almost always having the answer to every question! To all mothers-to-be out in the world...congratulations...motherhood is an amazing adjustment but a thousand percent worth every minute. We hope that this blog finds mothers and mothers-to-be relaxing and enjoying themselves but in all honesty, every day is mothers day once you become a mum so revel in definately passes by way to quick!

Happy Mothers Day!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Overworked and Underpaid....relax and enjoy!

Hey Mums...are you overworked and underpaid? 'Running a household' is a lot more labour intensive then first thought! It's not as simple as some may think. I've recently been told that housemums have it easy, all they do is:
  1. Wake up in the morning
  2. Take a long warm shower
  3. Have a fabulous hairdo
  4. Get dressed
  5. Have a Cappucino
  6. Eat lunch with the girls
  7. Check the mail
  8. Watch your fav TV program
  9. Go to bed early to get beauty rest

How wrong was that statement?!?! Although most of us would love for the above scenario to be our daily routine....I doubt it actually is. The majority of mothers have a routine similar to the following:

  1. 6 am - it's late...I've slept in
  2. Maybe a quick shower
  3. Hairclip anyone?
  4. Who cares what I wear, I'll end up with someone elses food, saliva or other bodily excrement on it by noon
  5. The 3-hour cold coffee
  6. Watch Dora the Explorer as background noise as you clean
  7. Nappy, nappy, nappy
  8. Feed the children
  9. Nappy, nappy, nappy
  10. Dishes
  11. Laundry
  12. Nappy, nappy, nappy
  13. Feed the children
  14. Play with the kids
  15. Bathe the kids
  16. Read the bedtime story
  17. Actually get the kids to bed
  18. Ask yourself 'Did I eat today?'
  19. Prepare lunches for tomorrow
  20. Throw another load of laundry on overnight
  21. Fall into bed exhausted around midnight looking forward to tomorrow
So, for all you mothers...a HUGE are fabulous and for the most part, you keep it all together, still manage to get some 'mommy time' in the equation above and often do it all with a smile on your face. Okay, so you might not get out and get a manicure/pedicure nearly as regularly as you would like so that's where we come into play...we happen to have a wide range of Palmers products to allow you to pamper yourselves (or get the other half to massage your feet)

Whatever you get up to in your day as a mother, just know that we think you're awesome! Attempt to find some time in your day to relax and realise how much you mean to others. I recently heard a quote that I want to pass on "To the world you may be one person, but to one person you are the world! (Anonymous)"